How many lashes do you apply?

Every lash set varies according to your natural lashes, and the type of lash you choose to wear.  Typically, 80-120 lashes per eye.

How long will my appointment take?

Expect a new set to take 2 hours.  Touch up appointments or “fills” range depending on length of time in between, and take 1 -2 hours.

How long do lash extensions last?

Most clients return for a “fill” in 2-3 weeks.  However some can go longer, this varies on personal preference, how you care for your lashes, and the style of lash you wear.

What exactly is a lash touch up or fill?

As your lashes grow and shed naturally, so will your extensions.  During a “fill” we will remove outgrown lashes and replace them to the lash line, as well as replace lost lashes.

Classic Vs. Volume application, what is the difference?

Classic application is one lash extension applied to one natural lash. Volume lashes are small fans of thin lightweight extensions applied to one lash.  At Platinum we never charge more for volume lashes and usually we blend both, for a more dimensional look.

What are lash extensions made of?

Our lash extensions are made of polyester fiber with a “silk” finish.

What brand of lashes do you use?

Here at Platinum, we use Platinum lashes of course!  All of our lash extensions are custom hand made for our studios.  We have a huge variety of widths, lengths and colors.  Of course our signature custom curl always stands out!  Fashion color highlights can enhance eye color and fun glitter lashes add a little bling!

Will lash extensions harm my natural lashes?

Lash extensions properly applied will not harm natural lashes and are safe for long term wear.  Isolating each individual lash is critical, taking great care to not glue lashes together ensures that your lashes grow and cycle naturally and remain healthy.

How do I care for my new extensions?

  • Avoid wetting lashes for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid oil based products
  • Avoid excessive handling or pulling of your extensions.
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